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LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Aquaman - Rage of Atlantis (2018)
Aquaman must battle foes in the air, on land and in the depths of the Seven Seas, along with some help from The Justice League, to save the day .

Director :Matt Peters
Stars : Jonathan Adams, Dee Bradley Baker, Troy Baker
Big Legend (2018)
An ex-soldier ventures into the Pacific Northwest to uncover the truth behind his fiance's disappearance.

Director :Justin Lee
Stars : Kevin Makely, Todd A. Robinson, Summer Spiro
On the Ropes (2018)
Following the sudden death of their father, two brothers realize the greatest threat to their criminal empire might just be each other. A no-holds-barred battle for power ensues that threatens to destroy everything their old man built.

Director :James Mark
Stars : Can Aydin, Phong Giang, Tina Pereira
Before Someone Gets Hurt (2018)
Tim and his team are the rising stars of the ghost hunting game. One thing they all like better than a good haunt is a great prank. When the team arrives at a new investigation, they cannot figure if the occurrences are part of some elaborate master prank or if the house is actually haunted. Unfortunately, they don't find the an ...

Director :Shane Barbanel
Stars : Michael Welch, Alexandra Turshen, Aaron Sauter
Siberia (2018)
An American diamond merchant travels to Russia to sell rare blue diamonds of questionable origin. As the deal begins to collapse he falls into an obsessive relationship with a Russian cafe owner in a small Siberian town. As their passion builds, so does the treacherous world of the diamond trade from which he is unable to extric ...

Director :Matthew Ross
Stars : Keanu Reeves, Boris Gulyarin, Ashley St. George
Pornocracy: The New Sex Multinationals (Pornocratie: Les nouvelles multinationales du sexe) (2017)
With her background and experience in the field, the former French adult film star, director, documentarist, and feminist,

Director :Ovidie
Stars : Alissiya, Leyla Bentho, Grégory Dorcel
Shock and Awe (2017)
A group of journalists covering George Bush's planned invasion of Iraq in 2003 are skeptical of the president's claim that Saddam Hussein has "weapons of mass destruction."

Director :Rob Reiner
Stars : Jessica Biel, James Marsden, Milla Jovovich
14 Cameras (2018)
When a family of four rent a beautiful house for their summer vacation, the price seems too good to be true. Unbeknownst to them, the lascivious owner has set up a series of spy cams throughout the house, documenting their most intimate moments and live streaming them to the dark web.

Director :Seth Fuller, Scott Hussion
Stars : Kodi Saint Angelo, Neville Archambault, Jacob Browne