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Whitney (2018)
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An in-depth look at the life and music of Whitney Houston.
Directed by: Kevin Macdonald
Year : 2018 | Duration : 120 min
Genre : Biography, Documentary, Music
Starring: Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin
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The Darkest Minds

The Darkest Minds (2018)
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Imprisoned by an adult world that now fears everyone under 18, a group of teens form a resistance group to fight back and reclaim control of their future.
Directed by: Jennifer Yuh Nelson
Year : 2018 | Duration : 104 min
Genre : Thriller, Sci-Fi
Starring: Amandla Stenberg, Mandy Moore, Bradley Whitford
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DC Super Hero Girls: Legends of Atlantis

DC Super Hero Girls: Legends of Atlantis (2018)
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Siren steals the Book of Legends in order to locate the Trident of Atlantis and rule the entire ocean.
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Ghost Source Zero

Ghost Source Zero (2017)
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The Artificial Intelligence Revolution is happening, and America is watching it on their Living Wall flat screens and Genius Phones. Homeland Security's Cyber Crime Division is the only ...
Directed by: Mark Cheng
Year : 2017 | Duration : 95 min
Genre : Sci-Fi
Starring: Joe Barbagallo, Emily Dennis, Jean Goto
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A man and a woman kidnap her rapist in order to extract a confession, come hell or - hell.
Directed by: Lou Simon
Year : 2018 | Duration : 80 min
Genre : Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Starring: Todd Bruno, Aniela McGuinness, Mike Stanley
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Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)
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In the aftermath of 'Captain America: Civil War,' Scott Lang grapples with the consequences of his choices as both a Super Hero and a father. As he struggles to re-balance his home life with his responsibilities as Ant-Man, he's confronted by Hope van Dyne and Dr. Hank Pym with an urgent new mission. Scott must once again put on the suit and learn to fight alongside The Wasp as the team works toge
Directed by: Peyton Reed
Year : 2018 | Duration : 118 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Starring: Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Peña
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Dead List

Dead List (2018)
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Calvin is competing with five other actors for the lead in a major Hollywood movie. Stopping at nothing, he uses a demonic book of curses on the actors, each bringing to life a monster that kills in their own unique and terrifying way.
Year : 2018 | Duration : 80 min
Genre : Comedy, Horror
Starring: Holden Andrews, Nick Bandera, Lauren Compise
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Winter Ridge

Winter Ridge (2018)
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A young detective is torn apart after his wife ends up in a coma while hunting a serial-killer at the same time.
Directed by: Dom Lenoir
Year : 2018 | Duration : 86 min
Genre : Thriller
Starring: Matt Hookings, Olwen Catherine Kelly, Hannah Waddingham
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Muse (2017)
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A painter's life is forever changed when a mythical and deadly spirit from Celtic lore -- a Leannán Sí -- becomes his muse and lover.
Directed by: John Burr
Year : 2017 | Duration : 95 min
Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Romance, Sci-Fi
Starring: Riley Egan, Elle Evans, Kate Mansi
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Hold the Dark

Hold the Dark (2018)
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After the deaths of three children suspected to be killed by wolves, writer Russell Core is hired by the parents of a missing six-year-old boy to track down and locate their son in the Alaskan wilderness.
Directed by: Jeremy Saulnier
Year : 2018 | Duration : 125 min
Genre : Adventure, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Starring: Jeffrey Wright, Alexander Skarsgård, James Badge Dale
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The Outer Wild

The Outer Wild (2018)
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After an unnatural event leaves mankind nearly extinct, a runaway girl and a rogue bounty hunter brave a dangerous wilderness to find a fabled sanctuary that can either save or destroy what's left of humanity.
Directed by: Philip Chidel
Year : 2018 | Duration : 85 min
Genre : Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Starring: Lauren McKnight, Christian Oliver, Jeffrey Vincent Parise
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Cruise (2018)
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Set in the 1980s, a young Italian-American from the "wrong side of the tracks" falls for a Jewish girl from Long Island.
Directed by: Robert Siegel (as Robert D. Siegel)
Year : 2018 | Duration : 90 min
Genre : Drama, Romance
Starring: Emily Ratajkowski, Noah Robbins, Kathrine Narducci
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