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Oh-Oku: The Women of the Inner Palace

Oh-Oku: The Women of the Inner Palace (Ôoku) (2006)
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Nothings more tragically mesmerizing than scandal behind castle walls amongst power-hungry, back-stabbing...
Directed by: Toru Hayashi
Year : 2006
Genre : History
Starring: Yukie Nakama, Hidetoshi Nishijima, Yûko Asano
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A band of samurai warriors places a curse on a family fortune thus frustrating the heir 4 centuries later. Despite the Asian setting, it has a sort of strong sense of the gothic that brings to mind the works of...
Directed by: Kon Ichikawa
Year : 1996 | Duration : 126 min
Genre : Mystery
Starring: Etsushi Toyokawa, Yûko Asano, Yu Ji Chin Ye
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