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Mission: Impossible III

Mission: Impossible III (2006)
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Ethan Hunt comes face to face with a dangerous and sadistic arms dealer while trying to keep his identity secret in order to protect his girlfriend.
Directed by: J.J. Abrams
Year : 2006 | Duration : 126 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Thriller
Starring: Tom Cruise, Michelle Monaghan, Ving Rhames
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Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead (2004)
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A nurse, a policeman, a young married couple, a salesman, and other survivors of a worldwide plague that is producing aggressive, flesh-eating zombies, take refuge in a mega Midwestern shopping mall.
Directed by: Zack Snyder
Year : 2004 | Duration : 101 min
Genre : Action, Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Starring: Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames, Mekhi Phifer
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Piranha 3DD

Piranha 3DD (2012)
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After the events at Lake Victoria, the pre-historic school of blood-thirsty piranhas make their way into a newly opened waterpark.
Directed by: John Gulager
Year : 2012 | Duration : 83 min
Genre : Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Starring: Danielle Panabaker, Ving Rhames, David Hasselhoff
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Force of Execution

Force of Execution (2013)
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"Force of Execution" is the story about a crime lord torn between his legacy and his desire to get out of the life of crime that has built his empire, when a new player to the scene tries ...
Directed by: Keoni Waxman
Year : 2013
Genre : Action, Crime
Starring: Danny Trejo, Steven Seagal, Ving Rhames
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Surrogates (2009)
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Set in a futuristic world where humans live in isolation and interact through surrogate robots, a cop is forced to leave his home for the first time in years in order to investigate the murders of others' surrogates.
Directed by: Jonathan Mostow
Year : 2009 | Duration : 89 min
Genre : Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Starring: Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell, Ving Rhames
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Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse (2011)
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Months after a zombie plague has wiped out 90 percent of the American population, a small group of survivors fight their way cross-country to a rumored refuge on the island of Catalina.
Directed by: Nick Lyon
Year : 2011 | Duration : 87 min
Genre : Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
Starring: Ving Rhames, Taryn Manning, Johnny Pacar
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Undisputed (2002)
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When heavyweight champion George 'Iceman' Chambers lands in prison, the resident gangster arranges a boxing match with the reigning prison champ.
Directed by: Walter Hill
Year : 2002 | Duration : 96 min
Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Sport
Starring: Wesley Snipes, Ving Rhames, Peter Falk
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Pimp Bullies

Pimp Bullies (2011)
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Five suspects holding a piece of the truth behind an unsolved crime.
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Rosewood (1997)
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A dramatization of a 1923 horrific racist lynch mob attack on an African American community.
Directed by: John Singleton
Year : 1997 | Duration : 140 min
Genre : Action, Drama, History
Starring: Jon Voight, Ving Rhames, Don Cheadle
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Out of Sight

Out of Sight (1998)
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A career bank robber breaks out of jail and shares a moment of mutual attraction with a US Marshall he has kidnapped.
Directed by: Steven Soderbergh
Year : 1998 | Duration : 123 min
Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller, Romance
Starring: George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez, Ving Rhames
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Percentage (2013)
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In Miami, two hustlers on the run set up a credit fraud operation that soon attracts the attention from the police and the city's top criminals.
Directed by: Alex Merkin
Year : 2013
Genre : Crime
Starring: Cam'ron, Omar Gooding, Ving Rhames
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Entrapment (1999)
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An insurance agent is sent by her employer to track down and help capture an art thief.
Directed by: Jon Amiel
Year : 1999 | Duration : 113 min
Genre : Action, Crime, Thriller, Romance
Starring: Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ving Rhames
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