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Aurélien and Argine have never been able to leave each other. Brother and sister, they have always lived together. Aurélien secretly makes ends meet for them by dealing in stolen metal. One night, his accomplice Simon suddenly arrives.
Directed by: Jérôme Bonnell
Year : 2009 | Duration : 100 min
Genre : Crime, Drama
Starring: Malik Zidi, Florence Loiret Caille, Marc Barbé
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Samir falls in love with Agathe, a swimming-instructor. To seduce her he pretends he doesn't know how to swim so she can teach him.
Directed by: Sólveig Anspach, Jean-Luc Gaget
Year : 2016 | Duration : 83 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance
Starring: Samir Guesmi, Florence Loiret Caille, Didda Jónsdóttir
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One day, a bad fall forces Edmond to accept Rose's help. Eventually, the two grow closer. The young woman finds relief in confiding painful memories to the older man; things she cannot even...
Directed by: Stéphanie Chuat, Véronique Reymond
Year : 2010 | Duration : 87 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Florence Loiret Caille, Michel Bouquet, Éric Caravaca
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