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Jigsaw (2017)
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Bodies are turning up around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one suspect: John Kramer, the man known as Jigsaw, who has been dead for ten years.
Directed by: Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig
Year : 2017 | Duration : 92 min
Genre : Crime, Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Starring: Matt Passmore, Tobin Bell, Callum Keith Rennie
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Normal (2007)
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A deadly car accident brings together a group of previously unrelated people, each of whom is forced to deal with the emotional fallout.
Directed by: Carl Bessai
Year : 2007 | Duration : 100 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Carrie-Anne Moss, Kevin Zegers, Callum Keith Rennie
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Hard Core Logo

Hard Core Logo (1996)
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Bruce Macdonald follows punk bank Hard Core Logo on a harrowing last-gasp reunion tour throughout Western Canada. As magnetic lead-singer Joe Dick holds the whole magilla together through ...
Directed by: Bruce McDonald
Year : 1996 | Duration : 92 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Music
Starring: Hugh Dillon, Callum Keith Rennie, John Pyper-Ferguson
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Born to Be Blue

Born to Be Blue (2015)
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A re-imagining of jazz legend Chet Baker's musical comeback in the late '60s.
Directed by: Robert Budreau
Year : 2015 | Duration : 97 min
Genre : Drama, Biography, Music
Starring: Ethan Hawke, Carmen Ejogo, Callum Keith Rennie
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Faith, Fraud, & Minimum Wage

Faith, Fraud, & Minimum Wage (2010)
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A rebellious teenage girl wrestles with the true nature of miracles when her father begins to believe in a religious hoax which she has secretly created.
Directed by: George Mihalka
Year : 2010 | Duration : 98 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Starring: Callum Keith Rennie, Martha MacIsaac, Ricky Mabe
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When a reconstructed family moves to a converted church in the country, 14-year-old Molly, must save her new troubled step-sister from a dangerous relationship with the desperate ghost of a young girl.
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Wilby Wonderful

Wilby Wonderful (2004)
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A day-in-the-life dark comedy concerning a group of islanders, their respective secrets, and one man's plan to kill himself quietly.
Directed by: Daniel MacIvor
Year : 2004 | Duration : 99 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance
Starring: James Allodi, Callum Keith Rennie, Ellen Page
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Flower & Garnet

Flower & Garnet (2002)
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Garnet, 8 years old, has a father who has difficulty showing him love, since Garnet's mother died during his birth. Only getting affection by his 16 year old sister Flower, the situation changes when she leaves when she gets pregnant.
Directed by: Keith Behrman
Year : 2002 | Duration : 103 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Callum Keith Rennie, Jane McGregor, Alisha Penev
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Mobile Homes

Mobile Homes (2017)
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A young mother drifts from one motel to the next with her intoxicating boyfriend and her 8-year-old son. The makeshift family scrapes by, living one hustle at a time, until the discovery of a mobile home community offers an alternative life. Written by
Directed by: Vladimir de Fontenay
Year : 2017 | Duration : 105 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Imogen Poots, Callum Turner, Callum Keith Rennie
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